Vince Clarke Samples

Samples specially created by Erasure's Vince Clarke

Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard offered for instant download by

AMG are delighted to be able to offer all digital versions of Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard for sale on their new download site -! All are available for instant download using cloud servers and start at just $35. The audio version is still available from

AMG release advanced versions of Lucky Bastard

Additional versions of Lucky Bastard were released over the years. Initially the WAV file version which was later followed by REX, ReFill and Stylus RMX versions over the years.

AMG release Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard

AMG released Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard in audio format in 1993. It received great reviews and was sold throughout the World to many fans and musicians. The initial run of 1000, numbered, limited editions were sold out within the first year aside from a small handful that were held back for future use.